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Greetings in the new year!

So 2012 was most definitely a year full of blessings for us. We are so grateful to have been able to support our striving friends, serve the community, and gain your support over the months. From all of the DJs who ripped up Proof Bar, friends who got silly on the dancefloor, artists who showcased in the basement, to all those who made it to our Thanksgiving drive for the homeless, it’s truly been a year of celebrating creativity and inspiring positivity!! Let’s take a look back at some highlights from 2012:

The first Jelly-Filled Fridays

Dr. Oc2pus & Art Moods

Donuts x Threadsence Coachella Photo Booth

Donut Shop Comedy Show

The Donut Cellar

1st Annual Thanksgiving Clothing & Food Drive - Long Beach, CA

It wasn’t very long ago that this idea came about, and to see it come to life has been a dream come true (not to mention raising over $4,000 for our philanthropic endeavors)!

2012 will be a tough year to beat, but we hope you stay along for the ride as we strive to make 2013 even greater!! With that said, we only have 2 Jelly-Filled Fridays at Proof Bar left. January 11 next Friday, and our 1-Year Anniversary on February 8. Don’t worry, we got something in the works for your monthly re-up, just think it’s time to expand beyond the OC :)

A final word from one of our inspirations, community builder via clothing & lifestyle, Bobby Hundreds:


"Life is a marathon. The fast to rise are fast to demise. But if you’re in this game to make a difference, you think 10 steps ahead, 10 years ahead, and you build your foundation accordingly. Be wary of the fast track because you’ll finish the race quicker. Take the long road, enjoy the scenery, and if all goes well, the ride will never end.

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