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"We bring people together and provide a platform for expression to empower one another while inspiring others."
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What a weekend.

              When we came together over a year ago, this past weekend was exactly the type of community gathering we hoped to create. Art, music, good vibes, and positive people all coming together in one space… it really is an unbelievable feeling when you set an intention and achieve it. Whether it’s personal goals or work quotas, we hope you can identify with what we’re feeling right now. Now, as you reach milestones and see what you’re made of, new visions and endeavors arise. "Every idea needs a version 1". Through this beta period, we’ve tried, experienced, reflected, and grown. Now we’re ready to build The Donuts 2.0, we’re ready to do work!

               Whether it’s a food drive, a community function, a flash mob, a camp for empowering teens, a concept video, or fundraising for a cause, we want to get things done. We want to do it with heart, we want to do it with a purpose, and we want to leave a positive impact. If you’re down with that, then let’s do this together! 

Here’s our latest attempt at describing who we are:

          The efforts of one person can be great, but the impact of a community striving to create positive change is limitless. We are committed to connecting people who want to create that change and make the world a better place. We’re The Donuts, and it’s nice to meet you. The Donuts are a collective of folks from different cultures and backgrounds; teachers, DJs, dancers, emcees, photographers, designers, social workers, and much more.

                                                            We aspire to:
-Bring people together through events and initiatives that serve a direct cause, raise awareness, and spark meaningful dialogue.
-Provide a platform for people with different talents and ideas to come together and express themselves.
-Inspire others to take action and make positive change in their communities.

           Empowered people accomplish great things. This is what we’re about, and we welcome Donuts of all flavors, shapes, & sizes. Like your local donut shop on the corner, our door is always open.

Eh? If you feel us, holler! We’ll keep you posted on what we’re up to this summer. In the meantime, enjoy these photos and relive The Brewery with us. Part of the weekend never dies.

Here are a few photos from the weekend, view the full album HERE.











- Yooney

It’s been a little while since we last posted, we have been doing some behind-the-scenes ground work for our community and future projects.  We want to make sure our vision is clear before we embark on this journey, and want to be able to share that with all of you.  We were very happy with how our first year of events went, and now it’s time to keep our feet moving!

As we briefly mentioned before, we are super excited for our next event this weekend at the LA Brewery Art Walk.   The bi-annual LA Art Walk at The Brewery in downtown hosts over 100 art, music, and tech showcases at the world’s largest artist-in-residence complex.  Centered around the infamous Brewery formerly owned by Pabst, the two-day event will bring in thousands of people to enjoy the arts, food, drinks, and good vibes.

We have a bunch of great artists coming out to showcase their work this weekend, including graphic designers, photographers, DJ’s, pop-up vendors, and a live band.

There is also some great news we would like to share with you about the future of The Donuts, so come join us as we create a space for great people in our community to share their arts!

Check out full event info and artist lineup HERE.

… and as always, free donuts :)

the community-building continues!

As we continue on with Jelly-Filled Fridays, reaching out to like-minded striving & starving artists is so important to us. Paying it forward to good peoples pursuing creative paths is why we began this event, and we feel blessed to even be in this position to facilitate these positive experiences. So cheers to you for helping us keep this going, and here’s what we created this month to thank you :D

So for October, we’re stoked to be collaborating with electronic music blog SoundLogik. We’re calling it the “Two Party System” as a nod to the upcoming elections, but mainly to recognize the coming together of two creative communities to produce one awesome experience. The best part about this is we get to host some of the artists out of their community! First, let us introduce Mr.Y:

This dude, as you can see, blends the arts of beatboxing, producing, and mixing to create an incredible live music experience. Every piece of sound is organic, with little to no effects, making what he does not only damn unique, but really effing difficult!! It’s with great excitement we’ll be hosting him in the basement, starting at 10pm.
Mr.Y - thisisMrY EP

DJ duo MathMatix are coming out of San Diego with a fresh taste on BASS. After listening to their latest original production, Bass Division, we’re finding it hard to believe they just got on the scene in 2012. These guys definitely have a bright future ahead of them, and we’re just happy to be a stop along their journey. Check them headlining the mainroom from 12-2am!!

And the night wouldn’t be complete without your residents, the Groove Monsters. They’ll be on the decks in the mainroom, so get them dancing shoes ready and get ready to sweat. Check them out from 10pm-midnight!

As for art, some of our best Jelly-Filled Friday memories have been the amazing exhibits we’ve been able to feature in our “Basement Series”. This week we have an exhibit called “Safe Travels”, a three-week photo journey through Europe by 3 of our good friends.

12FV / In House Goods / They Shoot Film

"We journeyed all throughout Europe for fun, the views, the landscape, and the pictures. We skipped around to Iceland, Spain, Morocco, Switzerland, Italy, and Turkey, and came back with a plethora of photographs to share. Traveling has mostly changed us for the better, but we also got a speeding ticket in Iceland and duped into Moroccan carpet." -12fv

Here’s the Facebook event, come out come out old and new faces! This Friday is gonna be a good one. We hope to see you there <3


From our Fall 2012 Lookbook: Meet Me Where the Sidewalk Ends

Photographer: Stephanie Williams
Stylist: Kat Bonus
Model: Rina & Alyssa
Hair & Makeup: K.C. Witkamp
All makeup provided by: Too Faced Makeup

You have to start somewhere…

(taken from Monarchy’s facebook photos)

From the producer of Exit Through The Gift Shop, this documentary shows graffiti in its early stages before it was a well-known and lucrative art form.  The release date is unclear but for fans of this form of expression, I am sure it will be a must see.

Only 3 days until Jelly-Filled Fridays, co-hosted by our good friends at @Threadsence.  This month’s basement series, “Coachella Shenanigans”, will host a photo-booth, art by 12FV and John Deakers, and tons of cool giveaways.  Visit our event page for all the details :)

The Donuts Present: First Fridays at Proof Bar

By now we hope you’ve gotten a glimpse of who we are and what we’re about. One branch of the Donut tree is our monthly event, Jelly-Filled Fridays, at Proof Bar in Downtown Santa Ana Arts District. With this event our aim is to showcase multiple forms of creativity and the members of our community who are traveling down artistic paths! As the months go by, our hope is to bring more artists along on the journey, while inspiring others to pursue their passions. Like Coolio said,

Come along and ride on a fantastic voyage!

February 3

March 2

Save the date! April 6 we’re teaming up with our friends at ThreadSence to bring you our Coachella Kick-Off shindig. Details coming soon, be the first to know what’s good:

p.s. The hommies Dr. Oc2pus, Sambot, and the Shiver Crew are hosting SHIVER ME TIMBERS this Saturday (3/24) in Little Tokyo. Always a good time, especially with our very own Time Machine spinning some tunes! Here’s a dedication re-edit by Dr. Oc2pus to get you pumped for the weekend:

Happy Friday!