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Do me a favor and glance at the calendar. Did you know we’re 4 months away from 2014? Don’t know about you but I got caught by surprise. Time is a flyin’!

Now, recall your 2013 resolutions. How have you fared in those commitments? Great? Not so good? Well, maybe you’re the “today is a new day” type or a "I’m waiting for January 1" kind of person, but in any case, a recent post I saw got me to remember how important it is to focus on the bright side. I could be wrong, but I’d bet that not very many people can say they are exactly where they want to be, have what they want to have, or are who they want to be. If you are one of those people, holler back and share with us what it’s like to be on the other side! For the rest of us though, to echo Andrew Truong, let’s "take a breather and realize what we have".

I could go on listing off everything I’m grateful to have, but today I want to focus on one: living in an environment that allows me the freedom and provides me the resources to be creative. I define creativity as the ability to create something tangible out of a thought, idea, or vision. To me this encompasses everything, from choreographed dancing, sharing stories through media, planning an event, creating a resume… I would even go as far as saying the process of getting a new car is creative; translating that desire into hard work at the job, frugal spending, saved money, and eventually playing with the power windows and blasting your favorite tune down the 405.

I’d like to take this time to be thankful and recognize those who are helping keep the creative environment alive in my world. From newsfeed posts to face-to-face conversations, every little bit keeps me connected and thinking, not just following. In the twitter words of the homie DJ Miles, "What’s the opposite of inspire? To expire." Thanks to the following folks who keep me alive and thriving through their creativity. Here are my favorites thus far from this year:


12Footprints - For young professionals to network with like-minded individuals while giving back to the community!

Eayikes - Empowering youth through arts, mentorship, and child-like wonder!


The Nectar Collective - Spreading positivity, creativity, and a sense of adventure!

Wishing everybody a prosperous 4 months as we venture into 2014. Keep on keepin’ on!

- Yooney

if you were there for The Donut Cellar last summer, these dudes killed it.



“Cry Me A River” by Anthony Lee

haha mike’s tear tho.




Mike Song and his mom on Ellen performing Umma Gangnam Style!

Bridging music, dance, and generations…this is awesome.

^word to that! and to positive people creating their own success


kyuyeon:  THIS IS AMAZING… thank you this just made my day!


HAPPY FRIDAY!  My latest choreography video featuring Lawrence Kao, Mikey Andaya, and myself.  Music by Shook feat. Ronika - “Distorted Love” .  In addition to a well-shot version, I wanted to include a version with no cuts- just dancing.  Enjoy!

Another great video in the ongoing collaboration between Shook and Mike Song!

Performed By: Mike Song

Mike will be performing with Kinjaz at VIBE 17 today at UC Irvine. VIBE is the premiere west coast hip-hop dance competition curated by Lamda Theta Delta, that brings dancers from all over the world to compete on one stage.



2012 VIBE 17 Dance Competition 

Check out our Donuts this Sunday!!

w/ your hosts:

Studio64Comedy - @kunballs @iamlawrencekao

(via vibedancecomp)